• How I Manage Nginx Config

    NGINX site configuration is fairly straightforward, but managing the files for it can be a bit cumbersome. I use git and Github to make the process quicker and more comfortable.
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  • A Logo Design Process

    I wanted a new logo/branding for a redesign of this site and for other promotional crud; business cards, stickers, coozys, whatever's cool. Here's a look into the creation process.
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  • How I Start

    Starting a new design is an exciting, weird, and sometimes frustrating process. No two designs start the same way, but for me, they tend to follow similar paths. This is a look into how I'm starting a redesign of my site.
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  • CSS True Titles

    The opening titles of the show True Detective are incredible. I wanted to see if I could create a similar style title sequence using CSS.
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  • 2000 Days

    After an incredible 5+ years, I made the difficult decision to move on from my position at Arc90 and Readability. This is an account of my time there.
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  • Papersaver

    wuuutttttt I'm melting!

    I love drawing goofy things with Paper. I wanted a quick way to put all those goofy drawings on the Web.
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  • Slenderman

    Slenderman in use

    Branching out and trying something new with this one. I walk through the work that went into creating my first typeface.
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  • WebVTT Cuemarker

    A stylize screenshot of a WebVTT file

    The Web Video Text Track format is easy enough to work with, but marking cue times can be a bit of a chore. I wrote a small tool to make it a little easier.
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  • Get Together. Get Excited. Get to Work.

    Brooklyn Alpha 2012

    Brooklyn is the place to be the second week of October 2012. If you're looking to meet new folks and build an awesome project, we have just the event for you.
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  • Reacting to Media Queries in Javascript

    A happy little browser telling a happy little JS that he got bigger!

    I was looking for a way for Javascript to know when a media query condition was met or not met. While window.matchMedia provides the main functionality, I wanted something that was a little more automatic.
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  • Fun with HTML Form Validation Styles

    A stylized representation of two of the validation error styles

    HTML form validation is evolving in a big way. In this little ditty I lay out a process for making browser generated validation errors super sexy!
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  • A Small Redesign with a Little Sugar

    A cropped image of the Jribbble logo original drawing

    Side projects can be great opportunities to flex some muscle on new skills. In this article I discuss doing just that with a side project in need of a facelift.
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  • All Talkie Talkie

    I've been attending the Refresh NYC meet-ups as of late. At our last meet-up I volunteered to do a presentation on some new and exciting things happening with CSS.
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  • You Did What with What?

    It was a silly "pop-in-your-head-in-the-shower" idea. Kinetic type with CSS. Is that possible? Will browsers just die under the stress? I had to find out.
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  • I Less Than Three IE6

    Web design is hard, that's why it's fun and why not everyone does it. With this I'll explain why I take some joy in dealing with the sticky situations that "that" browser gets me in.
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  • Ch-ch-ch-changes!

    Version 2 of carried me through a year of freelancing and helped me land my current gig at Arc90. But after two years it's starting to show its age. Version 3 is a step in a new direction and as always a challenging and fun undertaking.
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