• Buncha weird images to represent CSS True Titles.

    CSS True Titles

    The opening titles of the show True Detective are incredible. I wanted to see if I could create a similar style title sequence using CSS.

  • Buncha weird images to represent Papersaver.


    I love drawing goofy things with Paper. I wanted a way to put all my drawings on the Web. Papersaver allows me to publish directly from the app.

  • Graphic showing Slenderman font in use.


    Branched out and tried something new on this one. I went and read one typography book and think I need to make my own hand-drawn typeface. This guy!

  • A stylized screenshot from The Man From Hollywood

    The Man From Hollywood

    Would it be possible to create a kinetic type animation using CSS? I thought so. TMFH is a first-of-its kind demo of how far CSS animation can be taken.

  • Weird crud that is supposed to represent a jQuery plugin.


    You know what your site needs? More jQuery! Jribbble is a jQuery plugin for requesting shot and player information from the Dribbble API.

  • A pretty bad drawing of some shaky text and a beaker filled with pink crud.

    CSS Shaky Animation

    I've always loved the shaky animation style of a lot of cartoons. This demo brings that style to the browser with some CSS tricks and a little elbow grease.

  • A stylized image of the text Write-on! used in the CSS demo

    CSS Write-on Text Effect

    Handwritten text being drawn onto the screen is a common effect in motion graphics. In this demo I recreate that effect using web technologies.

  • A stylized screenshot of fullcourtshots.com

    Full Court Shots

    A free Saturday and a couple pots of coffee brought about this site that offers an at-a-glance view of all the latest and greatest design snaps from Dribbble.

  • A stylized image of two cowboys used in the CSS demo

    CSS Animated Slideshows

    Revolving image galleries made with only CSS animations? Get out! Feast your eyes on some new wave CSS goodness.

  • A stylized image of frames of a running horse used in the CSS demo

    CSS Animated Sprites

    Wait, did I just recreate animated gifs using only CSS animations? I sure as hell did. Might not be the most practical thing, but it sure is cool!