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  • CSS True Titles

    The True Detective opening titles are incredible. This is my account of creating similar style titles with CSS.
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  • 2000 Days

    After an incredible 5+ years, I made the difficult decision to move on from my position at Arc90 and Readability.
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  • Papersaver

    I'm melting mommmmmm!

    I love drawing goofy things with Paper. I wanted a quick way to put all those goofy drawings on the Web.
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  • Slenderman

    Slenderman in use

    Branching out and trying something new with this one. I walk through the work that went into creating my first typeface.
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  • WebVTT Cuemarker

    A stylize screenshot of a WebVTT file

    The Web Video Text Track format is easy enough to work with, but marking cue times can be a bit of a chore. I wrote a small tool to make it a little easier.
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