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On Tuesday, the 25th I presented an introduction of CSS3 features to a great group of folks at Refresh NYC. The new features included in CSS3 are something that I'm really interested in and very excited about so it was a good opportunity to really dig in and learn a whole lot about them in a short amount of time. For my slides I decided to not take the Keynote route and instead decided to create the presentation as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It turned out great, not only did I get to explore the sweetness of CSS3 for the sake of presenting the information, I also used a lot of the features I was talking about to build the presentation.

This was the first time I had put together a presentation like this and got up in front of a crowd to present it, and I loved every minute of it. You really gain a deeper knowledge of a topic when you are trying to explain it to someone else. I'm definitely going to do this again in the near future and if you've had any interest in doing so I would highly recommend it.

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